British Columbia Fake ID - $89 - (2021 updated)

british columbia fake id
photo: rear of card
photo: UV-LIGHT on fake id

Looking for the best BC Fake ID on the Market? 100% Scannable at all clubs and bars in BC & the rest of Canada

All our BC cards feature the following security features:

  • Intricate backgrounds on the front
  • Two pictures of the customer on the front, one larger than the other
  • Changable Laser image of License holder with birth year engraved
  • Hologram patch on back of card
  • Provincial crest on back of card
  • Machine Readable Technology (which means it is scannable)
  • Circular UV print (see pic above)

Things you should know about ID in BC:

  • Drivers licenses are valid for 5 years
  • Last updated in 2021, which means it should be good for a few more years
  • You can also use a British Columbia “identification card” as ID – this is accepted ID in BC and we can include it in your order for an additional $50

About British Columbia:  There are many who think of the province of British Columbia as the most beautiful and exciting place in Canada. With popular sites like Vancouver Island and Victoria, along with the Rocky Mountains and the most diverse wildlife in the country, British Columbia is certainly a place for those looking to experience everything Canada has to offer.

Take a whale watching journey around Vancouver Island in the Pacific. Visit the past host of the Olympic games, Whistler, one of the provinces most popular tourist destinations. The city of Vancouver is considered by many to be Canada’s cleanest, most forward-thinking cities. Stay south and experience the city life, or jump on the Alaska Highway and take a road trip north to witness some truly spectacular sights.

Nightlife:  Resting between Vancouver Harbor and Fraser River is Vancouver, BC’s most popular city. There is plenty to see and do here; from a fantastic theatre scene to incredible cuisine on the water, the major sports franchises and fancy nightclubs, you will need more than a weekend to experience all Vancouver has to offer. Southern BC has plenty more, as well, with places like Kelowna and Kamloops offering up a different party scene from the big city.

A short ferry ride to Victoria or Nanaimo on Victoria Island is also a great way to experience this province, with some unique bars and clubs in both places. Travelling north, the population thins out considerably, but more fun is to be found. Small skiing villages and fishing towns can be a quaint and charming alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city, but still offer quite the party, especially in tourist season.

Fake Identification in BC: Like Toronto, many of the ‘souvenir’ ID card shops can be found in Vancouver. These places, usually with some sort of cover, can fly just below police radar by being just different enough from government-issued IDS and using the term ‘novelty’ or ‘souvenir’.

These IDs however are quite sophisticated and will pass at many establishments. This loophole has made British Columbia the epicenter for forged IDs in Canada, with many of the counterfeit websites operating out of places like Nanaimo, and others in South-Western BC the main culprits. That being said, the province is reacting to such ID scams but frequently changing the card; its looks, the barcodes and hidden secrets within the card making it harder to replicate.

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 by Terry Crews
5/5 thanks again guys

sorry about pestering when the card would come.. it arrived and the quality of the id is amazing. i can see why u guys are rated the best in the biz

 by Barbra Waltson
Best British Columbia License Ive Seen!

5/5 quality wow wow wow.. gonna put in a bulk order soon what discount can i get?