Bitcoin is the most anonymous and secure method to pay – although some people find it too complicated to use.

We have tried making our instructions below as simple as possible

NOTE: You must be over 18 to purchase Bitcoin in Canada online. If you are under 18 please use one of our other payment metods (such as Bitcoin ATM or Steam Gift Card).

If you already have a bitcoin wallet with bitcoins loaded on there please jump to step 4

Step 1 – Visit one of the following Canadian bitcoin exchange company websites:

Step 2 –  Click “Buy Bitcoin”  and enter $ or if you are entering the Bitcoin amount enter BTC

Step 3 – After your purchase has been successful, click Withdraw Bitcoin and copy and paste the following code to put into the order form for “wallet address/bitcoin address”:


Step 4 –  Done!  We should receive your bitcoin within 24 hours and then begin making your card