Payment - INTERAC e-Transfer

Our new method for allowing you to pay via INTERAC online does not involve any vouchers, is very quick and takes just 3-5 minutes.

Step 1) Visit the COINCURVE.COM website and enter $ where it asks you enter a $ amount (in the example below we put $200).

Step 2) Select “Bitcoin” and “INTERAC E-TRANSFER” (see pic above) and Press “NEXT”

Step 3) You will see a confirmation page (see pic below). Press “NEXT”

Step 3) For “Enter your receiving Bitcoin Address” simply copy and paste¬† 15kpJmJRtWUmJathnZQWegyza5pdc2rPU2 and then press “NEXT”

Step 4) Enter your real details on the next page (must match your INTERAC account)

Step 5) Enter the confirmation SMS you received to your mobile

Step 6) The coincurve website requires a simple voice verification – either record with your Mic or press “Don’t Have a Microphone?” to record with an automated phone call

All done! Email us your confirmation page, once complete it will take up to 3 hours for us to receive your bitcoin transaction and we’ll begin making your ID within 48 hours!

Please email us when complete