Payment - Cash in Mail


Step 1) Click the following link to the CanadianBitcoins payment gateway where we will register an account

Step 2) Scroll down to the “Register/Forgot Password” section and enter your email and click Register.

Step 3) Check your email to complete your registration and pick a password.

Step 4) Once logged into your account click ‘Buy Coins’

Step 5) Choose your preferred payment method and click on it

Step 6) Next to the “I want to Buy” click the amount in $CAD that is just above your order amount of  $

Step 7) Copy and paste the following bitcoin address into the ‘my wallet address’ field and press validate: 1KF7jhi5PAQ5m6duuVgmVkCtRqJy6xm9JY

Step 8) Press continue to receive your order voucher. Simply print it off and mail it with your cash

All done! It will take up to 1 week to reach our account (completely anonymously) and we will begin making your ID within 48 hours!