Payment Instructions: PayPal/Credit Card

We are happy to finally be offering customers the flexibility to pay with PayPal/Credit Card via online flexepin vouchers our partner website Offgamers

1) Visit Offgamers flexepin voucher store:

2) You will need to purchase Flexepin voucher (or vouchers), rounded to the closest $50 of your ID total price.

So for example if your total ID order cost is $170 you can round down to $150. However if your order is $190 you must round up to $200 in vouchers, and we will mail you the difference along with your card.

3) Purchase the largest voucher amount first. So for the previous example of $200, first purchase the $150 voucher (as there is no $200 voucher).

4) You will need to create an account to finish the purchase. Make sure you use your email and phone number as they will verify it (don’t worry, Offgamers is a multimillion dollar gaming website.. not a scam)

5) Select either PayPal or Credit Card, whichever is easier for you

6) Once you complete the payment page you will receive your Flexepin Voucher code. If you need to purchase more vouchers repeat the steps 1-5. Send a screenshot of your voucher codes to and we will begin making your card!