Payment - Steam Giftcard

This simple payment method requires NO ID verification and NO tech-knowledge. Simply buy a Steam Gift Card from any BestBuy, EB Games or 7/11 Outlet and then simply send us a photo of it.

Step 1) Round  up your order amount (which is $) to the nearest $100 CAD. For example if your order cost $140, you will need to round up to $200 (NOTE: The reason for this is that we only accept $100 gift cards and cannot accept lower amounts. We will transfer you whatever you paid extra once we finish making your card)

Step 2) Visit any Best Buy (locations here), EB Games (locations here), or 7/11 (locations here) and ask to purchase however many $100 Steam vouchers you need. E.g. if your order is $140 you will ask to purchase two $100 Steam Gift Cards.

Step 3) Activate the card at the checkout by paying for it (do not try steal it as the code will not work and we will not make your card).

Step 4) GENTLY SCRATCH THE BACK of the card (be careful otherwise the numbers will scratch off completely). Take a photo of the card with the code showing and  simply email this as well (as well as the $ amount loaded on the card) to

All done! It will take up to 12 hours for us to verify the code and we will begin making your ID within 48 hours!

Please email us at with a picture of the back when complete