Payment - e-INTERAC/Debit card


Step 1) Click the following link to the TopMeUp payment gateway: Topmeup Payment Gateway


Step 2) Purchase 1 or more vouchers to make up the value of your order (which is $)

Please note that we do not accept $20 vouchers. So if for example your order is $170 you will need to purchase two $100 vouchers and we will reimburse you the difference when we mail you your card.

Step 3)  Scroll down and select a payment method which suits you

Step 4) Enter your email and click checkout

Step 5) Using your real email address, details and phone number complete the TopMeUp verification process (an automated machine will call you).

Step 6: Press “Register and Call my phone”


Step 7: Enter the code that you heard over the phone back onto the TopMeUp website and finalize the payment.

All done! Email us your 16 digit flexePIN to and once we process it we will mail you your card (we will try to have it in the mail within 3 days of recieving payment)